Things to do

Cinema al fresco

Tired of the husyle of the streets. Stay in and choose from our house collection of DVDs and create your private outdoor cinema paradiso in the P'tit courtyard. We even deliver the pizza or the infamous Marrakech burger from Beb Tar Zout.

Djemaa El Fna

Take a 10 min stroll from the Riad to Djemaa El Fna and hang out in the worlds largest outdoor restaurant. Experience a complete night from appetizers and nuts, to mixed grills, sheep’s heads and very sweet spicy tea. End the night with street entertainers, storytellers, musicians and snake charmers. Its the end of the world every day.


Get lost in the souks. Experience some mint tea haggling.


Take a taxi to Essouira and eat lunch at the fish market. Just make sure you agree the price before you eat. The taxi journey takes three hours each way, but is definitively worth the travel.

Chilling at the beach

If the “wind city Africa” of Essouira is too crowded, go further and chill out at the beach in Sidi Kaouki 15 km south of Essouira. This is where the Marrakechi hide at the weekend, but few find. Yes! Beer is also within reach.


Enjoy the spectacular golfing experience embraced by the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech has3 golf courses and 11 under construction. The Royal Golf Club enjoys spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains. P'tit Habibi is located at the north end of the medina, from which the golf courses are readily accessible by car.

The Atlas mountains

The Atlas Mountains are about 1.5 hr drive from Marrakech. Go there trekking or even skiing in the winter.

I Love Marrakech

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